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October 26, 2018

Elisa speaks about her Authentic Design Life at CreativeMornings

CreativeMornings is a global lecture series for the creative community that is brought to our seacoast region as Creative Mornings PKX by some very dedicated and talented local volunteers. Being invited to be the October 2018 speaker on the topic of HONESTY was an honor that pushed me to dive through a long career in design, and a lifetime dedicated to art and science. The process of uncovering what role honesty has played in shaping my “authentic design life” was remarkable, and unmasked some very clear truths that have carried me along the way. Standing in front of a live audience to tell my story was a daunting, exhilarating, and proud moment that taught me to embrace my honesty and not be afraid to share it more with the world in the future.

You can watch the video of Elisa's talk "Authentic Design Life" on the CreativeMornings website or directly on Youtube.  


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