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November 15, 2019

Sponsoring Pecha Kucha

Pecha Kucha, which is the Japanese word for chit chat, is a storytelling platform where individuals present 20 images, with 20 seconds of commentary per slide.  It was initially created by two architects, Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham of Klein Dytham architecture with the intent of designing more effective presentations in their business.  What began as something that was going to improve the efficiency of their business turned into events that are now held around the globe.  To date, there are more than 1,100 Peka Kucha nights held around the world, free events where community members are sharing their individual stories form their lives. 

The events are coordinated by volunteers, and supported by sponsors from the local communities, making the entire event free for the general public.  For the last three years, WINTER HOLBEN has been the presenting sponsor for the Portsmouth chapter of Pecha Kucha, believing the sharing of ideas, passions, and art – the many topics that land on the 3S Artspace stage, connect our community in ways that improve our lives. 

The most recent event in November did not disappoint.  Among the presenters and topics were a political photographer, a glass bead artist, a former congressman, an animal rights activist, and a photographer that focuses on celebrating the diversity through photos of the New Hampshire refugee population.  The topics and presenters always cover a wide-range of topics, which is part of what makes each Pecha Kucha evening so exciting and engaging, especially considering the individuals taking the stage are pulled from our own community. 

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