The Press Room | Portsmouth, NH

The Press Room has been an important music destination and gathering place in Portsmouth, NH for over 40 years. In 2016 the building was purchased by visionary owners who are dedicated to preserving the integrity of the historic building and the cultural legacy of the venue. 

WINTER HOLBEN architecture + design was tasked with rehabilitating the multilevel building with several code compliant upgrades, expanding the 3rd floor use to allow for a green room, office, and seating balcony, preserving historic features, maintaining existing areas for bar and seating while maximizing the potential for the reimagined performance area. Along the way many challenges with the site and building were overcome and in turn created opportunities to make for an extraordinary end result for entertaining present and future generations. 

After an enormous effort by everyone involved and a budget surpassing $1,000,000 - the doors were opened in October of 2018. Since opening, the upgraded venue has people from both near and far coming to enjoy the historic neighborhood pub and constant stream of diverse performances.


  • Interior Design & Ter Meer
  • Summit Engineering Summit Engineering
  • Construction Manager Hammer Construction 
  • Acoustical Engineer Reuter Associates
  • Electrical Engineer Seacoast Consulting
  • Civil Engineer Ambit Engineering
  • Photography Jared Kuzia 

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