Proctor & Gamble | Entrance Experience Design | East Coast, USA

With a long history of innovative products and a multinational presence - P&G is behind some of the most widely-known and commonly used brands and products in personal care.  P&G engaged WH to create ideas and concepts for renovating and upgrading the entrance experience at one of their top production locations.

Design Challenge

  • Create an entrance experience that better reflected the modern, state-of-the-art-facility
  • Adhere to the elaborate P&G brand standards
  • Include displays/features that helped to explain the culture, history and innovation 

After going through a process of ideation (coming up with big ideas and sharing inspirational examples) WINTER HOLBEN created three experience design concepts from one global master brand.  Our concept work illustrates the wide-range of ideas we like to offer in the beginning stages of design, showing how different feeling experiences can be created while staying true to the P&G over-arching brand.

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