Bank of America 

Retail branding, merchandising and art programs

As part of the ongoing new build and renovation programs at Bank of America, WINTER HOLBEN provides recommendations for branding, merchandising and artwork placement for every new and updated location. This work ties closely to the overall guidelines created through our design partnership as well as a deep understanding of the architectural spaces and standards.

Careful placement of these experiential elements ensures an impactful and consistent experience at all financial centers; and WINTER HOLBEN has developed a custom approach to create these recommendations at the scale that Bank of America requires with over 5,000 locations across the country. This approach has recently expanded to include supporting the implementation of the groundbreaking ArtLifting program, through which Bank of America is providing a nationwide platform for underrepresented artists.

 As a key partner to Bank of America, supporting these large-scale programs, WINTER HOLBEN delivers:

  • Strategic retail branding, merchandising and art placement recommendations
  • Design intent with custom solutions for high-profile locations
  • Overall program management integrating design packages with architectural and implementation teams
  • Coordination and collaboration with internal and external bank partners
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