East Coast Cannabis

Eliot, Maine

A boutique high-end cannabis experience design that challenges norms with inspired innovation

When CEO Dana Brearley and his partners at East Coast Cannabis enlisted Winter Holben to design their boutique high-end cannabis retail experience, it was clear that creating something truly exceptional would be crucial to ensure they stood out from the competition in their rapidly growing industry and crowded regional marketplace in southern Maine.

East Coast Cannabis presented the intriguing challenge of delivering their vision of an immersive design that would defy the conventional Maine cannabis shop aesthetic while reflecting their unique brand identity which fuses cannabis with outdoor adventure. Their vision was distinct and refreshing, deviating from traditional iconography and materials that are often associated with typical cannabis shops.

Our design solution offers walls of custom stone carvings and granite textures which will be lit by massive, floor to ceiling curtainwall providing natural daylighting and views connecting to the outdoors. An intentional pathway through custom displays, islands, and merchandise areas will lead visitors through the space and invite curiosity and exploration. A raised viewing platform overlooking an expansive grow house will educate and fascinate customers with behind-the-scenes insights. To illuminate and provide a comfortable ambiance throughout the building’s 25 foot high vaulted ceiling strategically designed lighting with customizable lumen levels to uniquely enhance each area. As a dramatic and creative anchor to the space, we conceived of an aerial sculpture in the East Coast Cannabis brand red that undulates like a canopy of trees in a forest hovering above the bud bar. We also incorporated elements of Shou Sugi Ban, a charred wood inspired by Japanese technique, a burned material that melds form and function with beauty, meaning and wit.

Through extensive research and inspired collaboration, our team designed a truly unique and immersive retail experience that successfully marries the core concepts of an active lifestyle with the East Coast Cannabis brand.

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Project Team

  • Project Architect Brandon Holben, AIA | LEED
  • Landscape Architect TBD
  • Civil Engineer TBD
East Coast Cannabis Rendering Night Project