University Of New England | Biddeford, ME

Campus wayfinding system

The University of New England, the largest private university in Maine with campuses in Biddeford, Maine, Portland, Maine and Tangier, Morocco, enlisted WINTER HOLBEN to help updating the exterior identity and wayfinding for both coastal Maine campuses to improve the arrival experience and overall campus navigability for both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Our designed wayfinding system will express the evolving principles of the university as an innovative and conscientious, forward-thinking institution with diverse academic courses and student populations. It will also help connect the two campuses through a common design thread promoting the University of New England identity that is reflective of the natural environment of coastal Maine.  

Experiential design features will:

• Create a bold first impression and promote the campus with Primary Identification signs

• Help visitors arriving by vehicle to navigate, by prioritize messaging to clearly identify public destinations and parking

• Guide pedestrians from parking to campus buildings with design and placement of smaller pedestrian directionals and building Identification

• Unite the campuses together by common design and visual identity  

• Incorporation of granite at entry and throughout the campus firmly anchors place and draws environmental and heritage connections

UNE Primary Campus Entry Sign

Primary Campus Entry Sign 

University of New England Wayfinding Graphics
UNE Wayfinding Designs
UNE Campus wayfinding system