Orlando Credit Union | Orlando, FL 

Flagship member experience

Orlando Credit Union approached WINTER HOLBEN with the project of renovating a new branch location located in Orlando’s south downtown business district, a newly revitalized urban enclave now branded SODO. 

Formerly housing a branch of First Green Bank, the dated building had fallen out-of-step with its surroundings. Substantial upgrades to the exterior were needed to bring it in-line with both the changing neighborhood and the recently updated OCU brand. Similarly, the interior layout and design had to be rethought in order to deliver a modern credit union experience and maintain a sense of visual continuity with the exterior. 

Our team identified several key design issues that would have to be addressed. On the exterior, the two entrances were located at a distance from the street and pedestrian traffic, and the new main entrance would need an upgrade to welcome members. The interior layout—which included a teller counter, closed offices, and old furniture and carpets—was incompatible with the updated OCU brand and the member experience they wanted to deliver.

In collaboration with OCU leadership, our team developed a design concept that foregrounded the member and their experience of the branch environment to create a memorable and seamless experience.

Retail design features include:

  • Sheathing the existing concrete facade with composite wood plank providing durability while creating a warmer, more inviting look.
  • Constructing two towers to allow for better placement of OCU’s new logo and improve the branch’s visibility from the street.
  • Introducing branding, signage, and updated landscaping to clearly mark the building’s entrances and provide a more welcoming experience for members.
  • A completely redesigned interior layout establishing a more natural flow.
  • Strategic placement of interior branding, and marketing elements to create an intuitive and memorable experience.
  • A reimagining of the teller area, featuring a curved multi-purpose pod that makes the transactional experience friendlier and more welcoming.
  • Selection of finishes and furniture that complemented the overall look and experience.

Our team’s comprehensive involvement in the project—from exterior design, to environmental branding, to interior layout and retail banking design—allowed the concept to be executed seamlessly, benefitting the OCU team and delighting members visiting the new location.

OCU portfolio 1

Exterior Tower

OCU new exterior 2

Exterior Main Entrance

OCU portfolio 3

Exterior Signage

OCU portfolio 4

Exterior Entrance

OCU portfolio 5

Interior Teller and Tech Bar

OCU portfolio 6

Interior Lobby

OCU portfolio 7

Interior Details

OCU portfolio 8

Interior Waiting Area

Project Team

    • Client Orlando Credit Union
    • Design Architect Brandon Holben
      • AOR DSI Design Services, Inc.
        • General Contractor Design Build Solutions Inc.