Buoy Shack set to open late spring 2022

A melding of modern and traditional Maine style

This riverside restaurant, currently in construction and preparing for a late spring 2022 opening, melds modern and traditional Maine style and has all the makings of an iconic dining destination. Located in the shadow of the Memorial Bridge, just across the river from downtown Portsmouth on Kittery’s Badgers Island, we designed a unique play on the small structures that used to dot our seacoast with many of the modern details WINTER HOLBEN is known for. The resulting concept is a combination of the traditional, simple design of seaside maritime structures with modern and unique details like translucent polycarbonate upper panels – which together will create a one-of-a kind structure that will stand the test of time.

In addition to designing the structure, we had the pleasure of helping our clients establish a strategy for naming, brand design and visual identity. Pulling inspiration from the iconic buoy shack that shares the site with the new building and the buoys used by the building’s owner the team created a truly unique expression for the new concept.

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