Winter Holben Partners with Local Infusion as They Expand

Winter Holben designs the first five of a growing group of state-of-the-art infusion care centers in Maine and New Hampshire

The Local Infusion is a revolutionary new patient-focused infusion care company that pays special attention to those with chronic illnesses. Their visionary team came to us with the primary goal of providing a better infusion experience for patients by prioritizing comfort. Considering their unique needs, our multidisciplinary architecture, interior, and experiential design team created a scaled design approach to deliver a consistent, beautiful and comfortable healthcare experience for their first five locations. 

For their first location in Concord, NH, and moving forward, the Local Infusion team's vision is "design-forward - with soothing tones, private suites, comfortable chairs, and a quiet atmosphere", and as they point out on their website, the design is more than purely aesthetic. "Investing in design has a significant impact on the patient experience, particularly those with chronic auto-immune disorders. A calming, peaceful, welcoming atmosphere helps reduce stress and anxiety, improve functionality through the efficient flow of traffic, and boost efficiency with reduced wait times." 

As design partners, together we've proven that thoughtful architecture, interior, and experiential design can offer a dramatically more positive patient experience.

See more of our work on this project at our portfolio page, and visit Local Infusion's blog to read about how they prioritize our important partnership.