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December 18, 2019

Foresight is 2020

The course of our business changed over the course of 2019.  Running a multidisciplinary studio means the work landing at your doorstep could be anything from designing new branding for an emerging business, to looking to expand to designing a new office park to designing retail spaces across the country for a national company.  We’ve continued our small studio, big experience approach with every client, building our business on a collaborative, high-design approach that partners us with our clients in a close relationship.  As we move into our fifth year of business, we’re more energized than ever about the work ahead and the growth of our talented team.  Over the course of 2019 we have:

  • Transformed Orlando Credit Union’s new Orlando branch to reflect their updated brand
  • Created new environmental branding elements for Bank of America that will be applied across the US
  • Completed the renovation and historic preservation of the new Inn Downtown in Portsmouth, NH and 102 Front Street in Exeter, NH
  • Designed an exciting new restaurant in Ogunquit ME

Entering 2020, it seems there is more on the horizon than we initially planned, an exciting challenge for us.  We recently completed Schematic Design for the future Albacore Museum and Park, a project we were engaged in last year by the Portsmouth Submarine Memorial Association, and a challenge we are thrilled to tackle - covering our love of collaborative, innovative, sustainable design, and the excitement we have about making an investment in bettering the community where we live, work and play.  We are designing multi-unit commercial and residential buildings, utilizing our vast experience in historic renovations to bring new life to underutilized areas of the Seacoast region and beyond.  We are expanding our work in retail design.  The work is exciting, and the talented team weʻve recently hired to contribute will keep us energized.  

We look forward to the year ahead, as we continue to expand, evolve and engage with all of you in our community. 

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