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February 28, 2019

Designing an exterior touchscreen window pilot for Bank of America

The first test site of an exciting new idea put forth by the Bank of America was installed at their busy Government Center location in Boston, MA.  This new technology allows a touchscreen installed on the interior to be operated from the exterior sidewalk.  Though a special film, anyone interested is able to search for homes on Bank of America’s robust real estate site.  WINTER HOLBEN was tasked with designing a bold, engaging, and integrated graphic to surround the touch screen, encouraging pedestrians to walk up and try the touchscreen. Additionally, WINTER HOLBEN managed the coordination with the bank’s digital and graphic production partners, making sure all elements came together successfully. Additional locations with custom fitted graphics designed by WINTER HOLBEN will be installed in April. Creating new designs and ideas that can be brought to market is one of the many services the firm provides to Bank of America, as an ongoing creative services partner.  

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