Elisa Winter Holben Featured in Design Theory Interview with Maine Home + Design

"In today’s ever-changing world, where the lines between design disciplines are becoming increasingly blurred, the combination of different perspectives, ideas, and knowledge is imperative to creating the most beneficial and responsible solutions for the built environment. Our careers started about the same time as our relationship. It wasn’t long before we noticed how this impacted our designs, eventually leading us to want to create a firm that handles diverse layers of design."

In an interview with Maine Home + Design, Elisa discusses why she and Brandon decided to pool their talents (design, and architecture, respectively) and become business partners as well as life partners, developing their vision from a love of high quality design and shared inspiration from Ray and Charles Eames.  

"We immediately knew we wanted a life like that, a life where design thinking, and inspiration, surrounded us in every way and where any type of design, from furniture to film was possible. Imagining ourselves having that type of lifestyle, I think, put us on a path to manifest it. The Eameses also believed that innovative approaches to building and fabrication can make good design accessible to everyone, which has inspired us to make sure that any project we work on, no matter the size of the budget, is of the highest design quality."

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