BIG NEWS Building Our New Home in the Kittery Foreside

As longtime business owners and community members here in Kittery, we’ve longed for an opportunity to design and build our own space from the ground up. Our current home in Wallingford Square has served us well these past eight years but we’re thrilled to announce that we are approved to build a new three-story development project at 3 Walker Street that will house our multidisciplinary studio along with an art gallery, top floor market rate apartment, two affordable housing units, and a roof deck with a fantastic view accessible to all tenants.

“We were looking for the perfect location. After working with the owner on the project, we realized this was the perfect location for our firm and such an important piece of the Foreside,” Elisa explained to Seacoast Online.

We look forward to designing the ideal space to house our incredible team and all of our big ideas and to include much needed housing as part of the project. 

It’s not often that we are afforded the privilege of working for ourselves and the community that we love, in tandem. Stay tuned and follow along for a peek into all the hard but exciting work to come. Fortunately, we’ll still be within throwing distance of Lil’s coffee and crullers!