Bank of America


Large Scale Retail Banking Design Program

WINTER HOLBEN created over 1700 retail placement design intent plans and elevations within two years as part of the ongoing renovation and new build initiatives for Bank of America. Having not utilized this type of program before, the large retail banking institution turned to our firm to innovate the method for creating and managing the very large scale program in addition to subsequently implementing it at a very fast pace. The design intent plans for each location included strategic branding, merchandising, regulatory information, millwork and artwork by artlifting placement. 

The retail experience design intent program scope for Bank of America included:

  • Project management including reporting and integration with all internal and external partners
  • Intake and translation of architectural plans from all architects of record
  • Ongoing evolution and integration with design and data partners
  • Site specific design considerations and custom solutions
  • Pre-install inventory management data
  • On call solutions to architecture and field changes
  • Ongoing updates and translation of standard design elements and placement directives

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