Buoy Shack Lobster & Drinks

Kittery, Maine

Riverfront restaurant architecture and branding

The Buoy Shack, an open-air riverside restaurant located on Kittery’s Badgers Island, opened in the spring of 2022 and quickly became an iconic seacoast dining destination. 

Melding modern and traditional Maine style, we incorporated many of the modern architectural details WINTER HOLBEN is known for to conceive this unique contemporary play on the ubiquitous fishing shacks that once dotted the banks of our port city’s harbor. The resulting concept combines textures and materials inspired by these seaside dock houses, with modern, unique details like translucent polycarbonate panels – which together create a one-of-a kind structure that will stand the test of time.

 In addition to designing the structure, we collaborated with our client to establish the restaurant’s name and thoughtfully vibrant logo. Pulling from the colors and shapes of our client’s own working waterfront buildings, we created an authentic, buoy-inspired visual identity which now extends to signage, menus, social media and beyond.

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A view of Buoy Shack Lobster and Drinks from the Piscataqua River
Buoy Shack Lobster & Drinks Exterior Rendering
Some of the branding elements created for Buoy Shack Lobster and Drinks