Islington Multifamily Streetscape | Portsmouth, NH

Award-winning Portsmouth renovation

We believe that small projects can have a big impact on communities, especially when they involve renovating the streetscape of an outdated rowhouse and elevating its appearance.

We worked in close collaboration with the Homeowners Association to design the many improvements that directly enhanced each tenant’s quality of living and sense of “home.” The introduction of individual entrance stairs with natural wood screens create more individuality and privacy for each unit while the contemporary stone wall that was carefully integrated with the existing historic granite steps create a unified curb appeal.

The streetscape improvement of this property is a great addition to the revitalization the Islington Street arts corridor and has been well received by the surrounding neighborhood and homeowners.

In January our firm received the AIANH Citation Award for the project, making this Brandon Holben's 8th AIANH Award. The jury “appreciated the connection between public and private areas,” adding, “the design did a lot with a little—it really focused on improving the semi-public realm.” - AIANH Excellence in Architecture Awards Program

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  • 2018 AIANH Excellence in Architecture
  • Citation Award
Islington Multifamily 1 v2

Front Perspective 

Islington Multifamily 2 v2

Front Elevation Detail

Islington Multifamily 3 v2

Front Perspective 

Islington Multifamily 4 v2

Material Details