Rice Public Library

Kittery, Maine

Sculptural Sign + Wayfinding System

Rice Public Library wayfinding signage was designed to reflect the evolving mission of the library: literacy, learning, creativity, and community through a playful series of sculptural books and letters. Additionally, the design ties into the architecture through the use of traditional materials like copper, aged patina and copper. These materials pay tribute to both the historic and contemporary structures that comprise the new library. Last but not least, industrial elements like exposed fasteners celebrate the working waterfront and shipyard that is also a core part of our community.

Additionally, WINTER HOLBEN designed a comprehensive building wayfinding system including: an exterior message board, identification at the various entrances, and an interior donor wall commemorating everyone who made the entire library renovation project happen. 

The enthusiasm of the stakeholders is best expressed by Library Director, Lee Perkins who commented: 

A huge shout out to Kittery’s own WINTER HOLBEN architecture & design for their work designing Rice Public Library’s new signage.With these design elements peppered throughout the building and the grounds, we see the union of the old and the new, the familiar and the exciting!”


Design features include:

  • Designed primary identification sign to compliment the Rice Library addition
  • Identified primary and secondary entrances creating a cohesive graphic language
  • Coordinated with library staff to create changeable information signs promoting the library
  • Celebrated all of the work by Capital Committee and donors with a donor recognition wall

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Photography 16 Hoops

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