State Street Multifamily | Portsmouth, NH

Contemporary multifamily renovation and addition

Our clients were looking to transform their dated three-unit apartment building into a sought after multifamily property in a popular neighborhood in Portsmouth, NH.

We worked closely with the engineer and the client/builder to create a contemporary renovation, 3rd-floor addition and roof deck with expansive views. Varied metal and wood siding materials bring a contemporary and refined appearance while enhancing the existing character of the house. The interiors were also completely renovated to match the clean contemporary feel.

State Street Multifamily 1 v2

Front Perspective at Dusk

State Street Multifamily 2 v2

Main Entry

State Street Multifamily 3 v2

Aerial Perspective 

State Street Multifamily 4 v2

Aerial Perspective 

State Street Multifamily 5

Rear Roof Deck Details

State street Multifamily 6 v2

Back Exterior Perspective 

State Street Multifamily 7 v2

Before and After Views

State Street Multifamily 8

Interior- Kitchen

    • Project Architect Brandon Holben, AIA | LEED
    • Structural Engineer Summit Engineering
    • Contractor & Interiors Phil Cleremont
    • Photography David J. Murray