Foreside Inn Featured in Mainebiz

Hotel development underway for 19th-century building, adjacent lot in Kittery

WINTER HOLBEN is pleased to be featured in Mainebiz online news, January 2024.

Mainebiz highlights the plans for the Foreside Inn redevelopment. The original 1890’s portion of the property will be renovated keeping the traditional forms and materials while adding contemporary accents. Overall, the design purposefully mixes traditional building details with contemporary elements in keeping with the character of the Foreside. "Foreside itself is an eclectic mix of building types and construction. It has this really unique character. So we are trying to celebrate that with a mix of approaches to the design." Elisa Winter Holben

“We have been invested in Kittery Foreside for a long time and are excited to develop a boutique inn that offers a different level of experience than is currently available in the market,” said Taylor McMaster, Madbury Real Estates Ventures managing partner. 

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