WINTER HOLBEN'S Retail Design Recognized

We are excited to announce that our retail branding design for East Coast Cannabis in Eliot, Maine is a winner in GDUSA's 2023 American Cannabis Graphic Awards. With more than 500 entries, this project was selected as one of the few winners in this growing area of retail in the US now legal in 23 states and the District of Columbia. As the industry expands "graphic, brand, package and retail design have a vital role to play in differentiating products and services, educating consumers, burnishing brands and elevating the entire industry". Of the hundreds of entries GDUSA chose "standout selections that showcase the power and the potential of graphic design to be a game-changer".

“We are excited to be bringing elevated retail design to this growing industry, especially in our home state of Maine and thank GDUSA for this recognition,” remarked Principal, Elisa Winter Holben. 

The distinctive design is a result of a close collaboration with the East Coast Cannabis team and their vision to create a "live the adventure" brand experience that sets them apart from the competition. The environmental graphics package is a highly integrated strategic series of brand moments through the customer journey - from the exterior signage and display window to the clever branding of the entry and experience as you pass through a welcoming check point. The interior greets you with an impressive window view into the large grow facility and a series of custom merchandise displays that allow you to weave your way to the expansive curving "bud bar". A hand-crafted mountain range focal point with integrated merchandise display and digital menu and a towering digital display with a handcrafted state of maine dimensional map complete the experience

With this award, we are proud to be amongst a broad spectrum of work recognized by GDUSA that reflects the increasingly expansive ways in which design can create impactful experiences. 

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